Home Additions

Remodeling a home is a big undertaking, but a well-planned home addition will pay for itself time and time again. Boost your home's value and extend its square footage with an impactful home addition. Maximize your investment by selecting the perfect materials and details to enhance your home's value and character. These amazing home additions combine more space and good looks by building up or off of their existing home designs.

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Whether you are planning a one-room home addition, a second-story add-on, or an outdoor room Stafford Construction can help you identify what you want in your addition and how to calculate the cost of the project.

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Unfinished Areas, Basement Remodels & Attic Remodels

A Basement Remodel or even an Attic Remodel can add space to your home without the expense of building an addition and pouring a foundation. Your attic and your basement already exist in your home and can be renovated into a bedroom, in-law apartment, family room/living room, man cave or hang out room for the kids.

Stafford Construction has remodeled many basements and attic's over the years to add quality space and provide a viable home improvement project which cost less to remodel than building an addition.

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