Bathroom Remodels

Beautiful bathrooms help pull together the overall look and feel of your home and offer you, your family, and your guests a clean and inviting place to rest and freshen up. From spacious master bathrooms to neat and elegant powder rooms functional and stylish bathrooms give your entire home a sense of style and completion and can make a strong and positive statement about your home and tastes.

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Whether you want something practical or striking a newly remodeled bathroom will always make a positive and beautiful addition to your home.

Unfinished Areas

A Basement Remodel or even an Attic Remodel can add space to your home without the expense of building an addition and pouring a foundation. Your attic and your basement already exist in your home and can be renovated into a bedroom, in-law apartment, family room/living room, man cave or hang out room for the kids.

Stafford Construction has remodeled many basements and attic's over the years to add quality space and provide a viable home improvement project which cost less to remodel than building an addition.

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